I followed this salon on Instagram for a solid year, then I made the plunge to try this new and exciting extension method. Follow me on my journey to hair bliss…

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I started following Indianapolis hopping new salon in 2018 after I decided to forgo being blonde and dealing with tape-ins. Witch Hazel Salon had this amazing hair extension technique I couldn’t get enough of. The Kacey Welch method combines beaded row extensions and sew-in extensions. It claims to be the least damaging method, and from what I’ve seen over the past year, I would agree.




The cost of the extensions isn’t cheap, it’s actually like more of an investment. This hair should conform to your natural texture, and match your color desires. The price goes up depending on what custom color needs you have, as well as how many rows would be necessary to give you the hair of your dreams. These can be used to add volume or length!

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I decided to take the plunge and schedule a consultation.

I went with a stylist and co-owner of the salon, Mel Moss. I felt a good vibe with her, and I was not disappointed. She sat down with me and told me pricing and upkeep, and she didn’t beat around the bush. The cost of the $50.00 consultation was waived because I purchased my hair that day!

So here’s the breakdown,

I received 2 rows of extensions, which cost around $500.00 together.

The cost of installation is more for your first time, so expect to spend around another $500.00 on the day of your installation.



(waves the day after installation)


(air-dried natural texture)

If you save up like I did, you’ll love these extensions. Maybe it’s not as cost friendly as other methods, but it feels more natural to me than any other method I’ve tried! I’m super thankful to Mel for giving me, in her words, “Grecian mermaid vibes”.



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  1. Wow, your hair looks amazing!


    1. paigeeacret says:

      Thank you! I’m super happy with it!

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