Lately, everything has been crazy in the beauty community. From poor ethical practices, secrecy, and bad attitudes. The question is, why is the beauty industry struggling for attention when it was so recently booming?

It’s simple, people are getting bored. 


As a consumer, I am tired of brands shoving items in my face that I don’t want in the slightest. Instead of making improvements to current products, or taking suggestions from their customers, brands are putting out vast amounts of CRAP. Most who were obsessed with buying products have finally realized it is not sustainable. The cost of these products is also getting ridiculous. Putting out a single product, which looks like kids play makeup, for 20-30 dollars is NOT OKAY.

As an artist, I simply cannot afford to constantly be purchasing what is new and hot. Jobs around my area are hard to come by starting out. I cannot afford to buy buy buy all the time. I want to stay on top of the makeup game, but who can keep up anymore. I’m losing my passion for what I love to do because it feels like I cannot provide an as fresh product pool. I feel uninspired by what the community has become. I am tired of the drama, the lying, and the negative stigma around those in the beauty community.

I am trying to find my passion again. I am trying to figure out what to do to create more. I am still working and currently, have a wedding party coming up. I urge you to not lose faith in the craft. However, I also call those who were only interested in makeup because it was popular, to find what truly makes them happy. There’s no need to join a bandwagon for the sake of being like everyone else. Artistry is my passion, it allows me to use my brain differently.




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