Rome, Italy has called to me since I was a little girl. Part of the draw came from The Lizzie McGuire movie. However, I have since learned my more recent ancestors (and ancient) came from Italy and Greece. It is crazy to think I might have walked where they did so long ago. 


The Food:

Amendo Ristorante- The staff is attentive and has excellent timing between courses. Although the portions are a bit large for me, you won’t walk out hungry. I recommend the carbonara and 2017 Ca’ D’Gal Lumine Moscato D’Asti wine. They even gave us limoncello on the house at the end of our dining experience. Limoncello is like drinking lemon acetone, and it will make you sweat instantly. 


Tourist spots:

The Roman Forum-

The forum covers a vast area. If you’re merely interested in a photo op, there are several beautiful natural foliage areas. If you’re interested in the history, this is a good one. It was incredible to stand in a place that was once the hub of civilization.




The Colosseum-

If you can brave the lines, this is worth it. Prepare to be haggled in line though. I don’t believe there were ever true naval battles here, but it is definitely a historical staple. This is another place where you can almost feel the history in the structure.


Trevi Fountain-   

I had been waiting my whole life to see the Trevi Fountain, and it did not disappoint. I think, besides some objects at the British Museum, this is one of the most beautiful man-made things I have ever seen. Pictures cannot capture how breathtaking it is. Additionally, it’s free! Unless you count the Euro’s, you’ll lose singing “This is what dreams are made of” like you’re Lizzie McGuire.




Case in point, visit Rome. Make sure you have a buddy and know how to conduct yourself. Watch out for hagglers, they’re pretty aggressive. You won’t regret your time there.



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