What I’ve Learned from Hair Extensions…

I always wanted long hair. This had been a dream of mine since I cut my hair off and it didn’t grow much farther than my boobs. So, I got tape-in hair extensions 4 months ago. This is what I’ve learned in that time:


First and foremost,

Hair extensions aren’t all candy canes and rainbows. Having tape-ins is a lot of work. A LOT. Things get tangled, greasy, and itchy. I think my biggest pet peeve is the itchy part. My scalp really started to hate them over the past month, no matter the amount of hygiene or lack thereof it. Having severe depression myself, brushing my hair sometimes becomes the devil. So, having hair that demands attention is annoying as hell. Don’t get me wrong, they look beautiful. I feel great when I do style my hair. However, I suppose I’ve just become the type of person who likes to leave their hair alone. I would much rather let my hair air dry then do anything to it.

The maintenance is expensive and time-consuming.

Getting these things removed takes HOURS. When you really think about it, it’s like getting 20 pieces of gum out of there. For me, I actually drive a good long way to get to my hair stylist. So, when I have to go back multiple times to get things done in the same week (a story for another time), it gets costly. Gas is not cheap, and when I have a full schedule, it makes life difficult. Lastly, I miss being able to comfortably wear a damn ponytail,  put my hair in a bun, or wear pigtail braids.


Needless to say, I am glad  I chose to do it, but I think it will be a while before I try it again.

I hope this will clarify things for anyone who needs help deciding on if they should get them, or resonates with anyone who’s ever had them.





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  1. alattestyle says:

    I hate how expensive it is to buy and maintain hair extensions in the US, ugh. I was in Korea last year and was able to get extensions placed (that lasted me 6 months easily) for around 250$ I think, Authentic Remy and with an awesome salon experience. Which in the US is the price of clip ins (which I hate).


    1. paigeeacret says:

      I loved the quality of the hair I bought, and I can deal with the price up to a point. I defintely agree it is frustrating!

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