I’ve wondered what eyelash extensions would be like for awhile now. I feel like the majority of celebrities I follow use them. Like I’ve stated before, this year I decided to try things I was afraid to do. I’m making baby steps towards the life I want to live. So, I said screw it and booked an appointment. Here’s how it all went down…



This is my little baby face before I went, little did I know what I was in for.



Sometimes I’m directionally challenged, today was not one of those days. This place was so tucked away you wouldn’t even know it exists. When I finally got inside the office, after awkwardly asking a chiropractor where the place was, I was pleasantly surprised. I had arrived 5 minutes early, but I had to wait about 15 for her to finish with the last girl. The women was kind, and the office was just as nice as the photos on their google link.


I laid down on the bed, and she started by priming my lashes. This was no big deal. Next, the taped down my bottom lashes, this is where my problems began. The tape wasn’t comfortable, obviously, but the feeling of it go worse over time. She started applying the lashes and my eyes started to sting a little. I figured my eyes were just really dry, but the burning got worse the more lashes she applied. Tears were streaming down my face, but I kind of felt paralyzed on the bed, like I couldn’t talk or move. For, what I gathered was the second half our of my appointment, my eyes burned like the crags of hell. It was the kind of burn where you think to yourself “I’ve messed my eyes up for good, I’ll never see again. This lady and the ceiling will have been the last things I saw.”



My final thoughts…

My eyes have never hurt so bad in my life. Ive rubbed pure garlic and jalapeño juice in my eyes before. I think it’s important that you understand that there’s a possibility you’ll have an experience just like mine. While the lashes do look beautiful, the pain wasn’t worth it. Perhaps if they wear well over the next couple weeks, I’ll consider getting a fill because it won’t take as long. However, it is an expensive thing to do and there are other things I could spend my money on. Do I regret it? No, because I tried something new and out of my comfort zone. 2018 is the year of new experiences, and I’m just trying to live my best life. Plus, my lashes do look great.

Thank you to Sylvia at Lori’s Lovely Lashes for the look, painful as it was. Can’t help that my body didn’t react well to the adhesive though.

(Day after and my eyes feel completely fine, sleeping wasn’t as bad as it thought it would be!)



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