In about a month I’ll be going to Europe. In preparation for this momentous occasion, (my first time abroad) I decided to buy some clothing basics that I desperately needed. If you’re interested in the brand, I’d continue to read.

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The Buying Experience

ASOS has affordable clothes. You can set your price range, if you’re like me and gravitate to hundred dollar items. All the items I purchased were under a hundred dollars, the most expensive item being the well-worth it jeans. I purchased all 6 items for 160 USD.

The Shipping Experience

Since I spent over so many dollars, I was awarded free 2-3 day shipping. I didn’t expect much considering the items come from the UK. I was wrong. In 3 days my package arrived, and I can honestly say it was smoother than buying clothes that distribute from two states away. Seriously ASOS, these other companies don’t compare to you.

The Actual Clothes

Farleigh High Waist Slim Mom Jeans

Color: Blossom dark wash

Size: W34 – L34


These are the best jeans I’ve ever owned. Seriously. The fabric is thick and sucks you in at the right spots. They’re tight at first but loosen comfortably after about an hour of wear time. The sizing isn’t quite right length wise, because apparently I’m less than average in the UK. This is what I get for having short legs and a long torso. I don’t mind rolling my pants though, I usually do anyways. Waist wise, I can see there being an issue of the jeans being too large soon, due to my weight loss. I already have some minor gapping due to that factor.


Weekday Thursday High Waist Skinny Jean

Color: Arizona Blue

Size: W32 L32


There’s no personal picture because these jeans don’t fit yet. When I say it is so close it makes me angry, I mean it. Once they fit, I’ll update the post with my thoughts.


Design Swing Cami with double layer (2 pack)

Color: White/Black

Size: US 12





This is the best photo I have currently. I’m trying to keep them crisp for my Europe trip! However, these are incredibly comfortable and fit just right. The straps are adjustable too!


Abercrombie and Fitch Longline Club Cardigan

Color: Gray
Size: L












This is the best photo I have of this item in action. It is CRAZY comfortable. It’s definitely more oversized than the photo leads on, in a good way! I would purchase this item if you’re in need of a neutral/cozy cardigan.


4505 Gym Legging with seam detail

Color: Black
Size L


Note to self – buy your leggings in petite sizing. I have to return these leggings because they are abnormally long, and somehow gigantic on me. They were hanging off my feet and came up to my boobs. The fabric was nice though, just be sure to check the measurements twice.

In Conclusion 

I would order from ASOS again in a heartbeat. The pricing isn’t bad and the clothing is good quality. The items came fast, and I can’t stop wearing these items. I would give it a shot if you’re looking for a new place to get stuff.




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