KATY x DESI : Dose of Colors

Since I’ve been gone, for many reasons, I did purchase the Desi Perkins and Lusterlux (Katy) collaboration with the brand Dose of Colors. I purchased the “No Shade” lipstick, the highlighter “Fuego”, and the over the top gloss. Lets get down to each product’s pros and cons.

Lipstick “No Shade”

PROS:                                             CONS:

  1. Opaque                           1. Weird color tone (personal preference/skintone)
  2. No strong smell
  3. Goes on easy

Highlighter “Fuego”

PROS:                                               CONS:

  1. Easy application                  1. Could not be inclusive for a REALLY pale skin
  2. Natural finish                       2. Not instantly intense (preference depending)
  3. Glowy

Over the Top Gloss

PROS:                                               CONS:

  1. HIGH SHINE                         1. Turns chunky glittery after some wear
  2. Not sticky                              2. Glitter hard to remove after wear
  3. Good smell

Overall, I would recommend the highlighter and over the top gloss, the lipstick I would say to purchase with caution. I really thought Katy and I had similar skin tones, based on her foundation shades. Unfortunately, I was wrong. Pairing the lipstick with a good lipliner would be wise.



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