Recently I decided to give Kylie Cosmetics a second chance. The first time I bought anything was during this past years Valentine’s Day Collection. I purchased the collection’s palette and a lip gloss. The palette, as is obvious, is not my favorite item in my collection. The shadows stain the lid and the shimmers apply poorly. The gloss I received had an extremely frayed applicator, and the gloss went on goopy.

Now to my most recent purchase.

I decided I would give the birthday collection’s loose powder highlighters a chance, since so many people loved the vacation collection’s version. This was a mistake. I ordered the shade “queen” which is a pearly pink shade. Let’s break down pros vs. cons.


  1. Nice color
  2. High Pigment
  3. A little goes a long way


  1. Not really a highlighter
  2. Too much chunky glitter
  3. Hard to use for an eyeshadow
  4. Too powdery
  5. Doesn’t look good on cheeks

I also ordered the velvet (satin) liquid lip kit in the shade “Charm”. The color of this lip is beautiful, but did end up being too light for me.


  1. Pleasant smell
  2. Nice Packaging
  3. Creamy Lip liner


  1. Liquid lip got clumpy and separated when on my lips
  2. Does not mix with other colors
  3. Basically can’t wear it

Overall, Kylie Cosmetics has disappointed me again. I hope that they can win me over in the future. However, it may be a long time before I purchase something again.

Thanks for reading!




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