[UPDATE] As many of you have seen, several beauty bloggers and consumers have received bad palettes. Mine does not appear to be the same as theirs. I find this unsettling coming from this brand. I urge you to wait until this palette comes into stores before purchasing it. That way, you will know if it is truly worth it or not.




I am no spring chicken to Anastasia’s products. I have owned several brow products, a glow kit, the Modern Renaissance palette, and a liquid lipstick. While it may not seem like much, I think it is enough to be aware of what their products are generally like. I’d like to consider myself to be optimistic in the makeup department (except with foundations). So lets go through my likes and dislikes of this palette.


  1. good shades
  2. not all warm colors / not all cool colors
  3. pigmentation is there (mostly)
  4. shadows blend well
  5. cute packaging
  6. good presentation


  1. no set tones (cool/warm)
  2. pigmentation is missing on both metallic/high-shine shades
  3. packaging gets dirty
  4. not everyone’s palette seems to pay off the same
  5. It’s a good chunk of change to have misses in it ($42.00)
  6. A little dusty

I do like the palette and I will continue use it. I am excited to see what the other shades will let me create.


My least favorite shades are cube, adorn, and electric. My favorite shades are Dawn, Roxy, All State, New Wave, and Edge.


Pardon my dirty packaging, these were taken after my tutorial and playing with it.

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  1. I really wanted to try this palette but i think the Modern Renaissance would be a better pick for me – I LOVE warm tones! 🙂 The swatches look really good though. Great post!


    1. paigeeacret says:

      I can totally understand that! I love the modern renaissance palette so much. I’m sure you’ll love it too!

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