2019, the year of searching and failing…

I went into the new year searching for a career in a field I was unsure I fit in. I loved my degree. I tried hard to fit into a job that wasn’t my calling. I thought that’s what I was supposed to do, find a place and start making money as fast as I could. The prospect of a full-time job with a salary at 22 was incredible to me.

In reality, I had a job that made me cry every day. I had a boss who crippled me with more anxiety than I’ve ever had. I made friends with people who just wanted something from me. I missed my mom, hard. I found it difficult to connect and separate my sorrows from my relationships. I felt vulnerable and weak. 


I also got engaged. Loved hard. Laughed harder. I met people with kind hearts. I found my passion. My purpose. I fell in love with educating and mentoring children. I found my place in the world.

AfterlightImage 2

In 2020 I WILL continue to work towards my career goals, love, and find peace in that which I cannot change. I encourage you all to do the same. DSC_0049

Happy new year to all. 




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