My Experience with Lip Filler

Ever wondered what it would be like to get lip filler like celebrities? I did too, so I went and got some. Here’s the scoop on lip injections for a regular person:

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How it all Started:

  For as long as I can remember, I’ve had an insecurity with my top lip. I have a good lip shape, I’m aware of that, but I couldn’t help but wonder what I would look like if my top lip was a bit bigger. Once I got into makeup my lips became a focus of mine. Everyone remembers the Kylie Jenner over-lined lips phase. I started to watch more and more videos about what it was like to get lip filler, seeing a lot of content from the social media influencers I follow. After my mom passed in September, I made it my goal to not be afraid of doing things. This is part of the reason I’m making this blog post. So I decided to take a risk, that I had saved for, and get Juvéderm. 

How I Found The Right Professional for Me:

  Finding the appropriate medical professional and clinic that’s right for you (and safe) is a challenge. This was particularly the case for living in the midwest. I first reached out to a clinic for information that I did not do proper research on. This clinic had paid for or put up false reviews, covering up horror stories. Needless to say, I did not go to the appointment I had made, and I made sure they could not call me. Nevertheless, they kept pestering me for services personally for the next two months. I ended up finding a wonderful place in Indianapolis, Interface Aesthetic Surgery Group. These people made the experience wonderful and easy. I feel I paid an appropriate amount for all the research I had done on Juvéderm. 

The Actual Procedure:

You first take photos of your before, and discuss your wishes for your lips. Then, you recline in the chair and get your face sterilized. The professional (RN in my case) applies a numbing cream and you sit with that on for a while (can’t remember exactly how long). The professional will then remove the cream and sterilize the area again before putting in the solution. My RN started with my corners and borders, ending with the middle of my lips. I got less than half of my syringe the first time, and went back a week later to get the rest injected. 



This photo was taken after the first appointment, literally as soon as I got to my car. My lips were still pretty numb and didn’t really hurt. 


This photo was taken when I got home (after an hour drive). My lips barely stung, it was pretty painless. However, make sure you use a lot of medicated lip balm or treatment given to you with more hyaluronic acid in it. Hyaluronic acid is what Juvéderm is made of, which naturally will break down in the body over time. 


This picture was taken after my second injection. Quite obviously, I bruised pretty heavily the second time around. This happened most likely because the areas were already tender, and a greater amount of filler was put in.  


This was my final result, about a month later. 


Would I do it again?

  Ultimately, I really enjoyed getting it done. I will do it again eventually, but the stuff is expensive. I think if you save the money and want to do it, for you, then you should. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to try something, and this is temporary! I no longer have the results of my filler, since it breaks down faster the first time. You also can get it dissolved if you really hate it and or have problems. In my eyes, this is just one more thing to check off my bucket list. I have no regrets, I’m not ashamed, and I looked great before/during/after.



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