I created this look for my youtube channel last week. It is a mixture of the blue tones. as well as the yellow and gold tones.

So what’s the verdict?

The Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Cosmetics palette is STUNNING. To further explain my love affair, I thought it would be beneficial to give pros and cons.


  1. Shade range is AMAZING
  2. Creamy and pigmented
  3. Easily blended
  4. Sturdy packaging
  5. Affordable price


  1. Shade names are not printed under each shade
  2. Talc can be bad for those who have allergies
  3. White packaging dirties easily
  4. Some shimmers take building


The only complaint about the actual shadow I have, which I saw on another channel as well, is with the shade twerk. Twerk is a beautiful, bold, and blue shadow. However, it did take awhile to build up. i only say this because the other shadows were not as hard.


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