I’ve wanted to go to Europe my whole life. My mom always told me we would go once I was in college. I find it bittersweet that we all went after she had passed. However, London was an amazing experience. If you’re interested in my personal opinions of the city, food, and tourism keep on reading. 

The Food

Not the best. It takes some figuring out to find places that are good like anywhere you’ve been vacationing. Personally, I grew up in a family that loves seasoning. London’s food scene tends to use spices unharmoniously with one another.

Byward’s kitchen:

This little pub has good food and great beer. I would go back happily. Although, my dad’s steak was rather chewy due to the fact roast is huge there.


The food is either spicy in a bland way, or just plain bland. I would not go back here.

Refinery 21:

This was the best place we ate the entire time we were in London. Both brunch and dinner here was amazing. Try the avocado chicken waffle with chili maple sauce, it’s divine. 


The pizza isn’t spectacular. They have a particularly bland, thin, and chewy crust. The atmosphere is crowded and rushed, making a proper dining experience impossible.


A perfect spot to grab a coffee and a quick breakfast. The cappuccino and iced flat white are highly recommended.


(This is from our hotel room services, where I first tried creme brûlée)

Tourist Spots

The British Museum:

Go here if you can. This museum is great and a staple. I finally got to see mummies after wanting to go to the museum since I was little. 


Buckingham Palace:

I could have done without seeing it, it’s cool but way too crowded for me. The fountain outside the front gates is spectacular though.


Hyde Park:

It’s a beautiful park, just really busy due to its proximity to major attractions as well as Buckingham Palace.

Westminster Abbey:

The church is giant, and the architecture is beautiful. However, you need to plan in advance due to minimal viewing times.


Shakespeare’s globe:

This spot is also only open during certain times in the day. I got to see the underneath museum, but that wasn’t particularly fascinating besides the costumes. 

The Thames:

I would hope you see it if you’re going to London, it’s kind of impossible to miss. You can see the London Eye and so much more from this view.




London is a lot like metropolitan areas of the United States. The people are generally more reserved (no complaints here). All in all, I enjoyed the city very much and would love to stay at the Hilton London Bankside again.




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